The Gold I Found in My Closet

Friday, January 17th, 2014

This just basically give another prove of how great selling gold can be. I have come into habit of selling gold every now and then simply because I find the habit very rewarding and fun. It is so great to e able to clean up my closet from all the gold scraps I do not use or even remember having after all. So, I thought I was already successful in being a true gold seller and a true participant in getting cash for gold. Turns out I was wrong.

Last weekend I decided to re arrange my entire closet simply because it is somewhat still “New Year”. I felt that I was already bored with my previous closet arrangement, so I thought it would be fun to re arrange the whole space. New Year, new closet. And guess what I found? So many gold scraps hidden in boxes and drawers beneath my clothes. I thought I was already doing so well with selling gold but I was wrong. I found broken earrings, broken necklaces, rings that I bought years ago that I never use anymore and many more. Basically, I found many junk hidden way inside my closet that actually worth a high amount of cash. If I had gone through all these junk from weeks ago, I would have been able to get more cash for gold. Right?

This situation got me thinking a lot. I knew friends and families of mine who are not selling gold. And I know how much they love to buy gold jewelries every now and then. Some of them even go shopping for gold with me! Now, imagine all the cash they have stored in their closets and drawers.  So many valuable gold hidden somewhere within their houses, unused, untouched and forgotten. What good will come out from there? Nothing! Keeping them in will only make your closet fuller and dirtier. It wouldn’t solve anything at all.

Which is why I want to once again remind you about how fun and how great selling gold can be! If reading this makes you feel like you need to start going to your closet and sell gold today, then do not hesitate or think twice. I am telling you, getting cash for gold might be just the best decision you ever made in your life. Get all the gold you do not use at home and put them to good use by selling them. You will definitely be using cash a lot more than those broken gold jewelries of yours, right? So get to it, make a commitment to start selling gold this year.

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