Golden Choices Part 1: The Worst Things You Can Do With Your Gold

Monday, February 24th, 2014

There are so many things that you can do with the gold that you have. Be it gold jewellery, gold bars or even gold scraps. Everyone has gold at some point so they will definitely do something about it at some point. They can perhaps use to wear those jewellery or even put them away in some wooden box placed in the very end corner of their closet.

Which is why in this post and the next, we are going to talk about the “golden choices” you make, that is the choices you make related to your gold. It will be divided into two parts, the worst ones and the best ones. Notice that you will read the continuation of this post right on the next day, so stay tuned and don’t miss out. Make sure you check out our blog again soon! And yes, we are going to be talking about how great it is to sell gold, how easy it is to get cash for gold and why it is perhaps the best decision you could ever made for your gold.

But first, the bad news first. This is perhaps the worst decision you could ever make with your gold: give them away for free. Yes, this happens a lot, especially between close friends. Women usually buy a lot of gold in a form of jewellery. We buy it so frequently that they forgot how valuable they are. We buy a lot of them because we want the ones with the most fashionable models that fits the latest style trends. We don’t want what is already considered as ancient history in the market, right? But as a result, the ones we don’t wear anymore we give away! I know some friends of mine that decided to give their gold bracelets, necklaces and earrings away to their friends because they just don’t want it anymore. Well, this is such a bad decision. So, bad golden choice number one is giving away your gold.

Second bad decision is storing them somewhere you don’t know. This is not so different than the first bad decision. This is what people do with their gold scraps, they put them away without knowing where they can find it until they actually lose it. This is such a horrible decision! It is better if you give them away because you know where it is and you give it to someone you know and love. But this one is just a waste of cash! Your gold has high value so don’t put away scraps like they are trash. Treat them with care and prepare them for the best decisions that we are going to share in the next post. Yes, here are the worst decisions. What about the best ones? Prepare your gold and stay tuned!

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