Busting the Gold Myths’ Bubble!

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

There are so many myths that surround selling gold. Well, perhaps not myths, but perceptions and opinions about selling gold that most people have in their heads. I noticed that over the years I received similar comments and thoughts on selling gold from friends, families, strangers and even the people talking about selling gold in online communities. They all fell into the trap of the great myths about selling gold. Which is why in this post I have decided to pick three of what I believe is the myths I hear most about selling gold. I really hope that after reading this post, all of you out there will realize how great selling gold can be and that they really are just myths.

So, here is myth number one: Selling gold is dangerous. I hear this every time and all the time when I invited some of my friends to sell gold with me. They think that selling gold is not safe and that they will be tricked by many of the stores that claim they buy gold at the best prices. Well, it is actually very safe to sell gold. The main thing to remember is to basically know the value of your gold. A little research will definitely come in handy, but in cases where you cannot do a thorough research, selling gold is still safe because you just need to find gold buyers that are already well known by people close to you. Gold buyers coming from me for example, will definitely be trustworthy, simply because you all know already how long I have been selling gold.

Next is myth number two: Selling gold takes a long time. This again is not true at all. Selling gold will only take a bit of your time because the process is simple, easy and highly efficient. Most people think that to sell your gold scraps you have to complete a pile of paperwork and go back and forth to the store several times before you get cash for gold, but that is so not true. I never have to go through the hassle of complicated paperwork and I never have to wait until the next day to get my extra cash. I only come into see my gold buyer and I walk out in no time with a pocket full of cash.

Finally, here is myth number three: Selling gold is less beneficial than if we keep the gold longer. What can a broken gold jewelry do for you? That is exactly my point. Keeping them in your closet forgotten will only make them become lost items in our closets. Sell them now and use them to fill your pockets with extra cash! Selling gold is quick, easy and beneficial. So, what are you waiting for? Start collecting all the gold you don’t want and use anymore in our house and start selling gold.

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